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          Consumer electronics

          Global RF series of fine radio frequency coaxial cable production base, applied to APPLE, HP, LENOVO, DELL, TP-LINK and other well-known brands at home and abroad.

          High-end stationary phase cables

          Stationary phase microwave cable up to the level of the imports, replace the imported, become well-known domestic aerospace, military industrial enterprises and research institutes of qualified suppliers.

          Communication base station

          Indirectly to each big telecommunication equipment supplier base station cable application solutions.

          Radio frequency cable components customized services

          Independent research and development of various types of radio frequency cable components, providing OEM and ODM services to provide customers with high-quality RF solutions.

          The specialty is engaged in the coaxial cable of the radio frequency to research and development, production and sales !

            Company news
            Industry information
            Customer case
            Honorary certificate
            TS16949 system
            ISO14000 environment system
            The international bureau for confidentiality
            GJB9001B military quality system
            The United States UL lab safety certification
            Scientific research license stind nuclear weapons and equipment production
          • Contact us
            Telephone: 0510-86279713/86279705
            Telephone: 0510-86279712
            address: Jiangyin city 275 east waihuan
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